Knowledge is the Key

KnowledgeThe main objective of Key Wind Energy GmbH is the conveyance and communication of knowledge about renewable energies, and in particular wind energy. Acquiring knowledge and the understanding of the technology, potential, and possibilities offered by the use of wind energy will contribute to people embracing and promoting its expansion.

Wind Energy is the Source

Wind energyWithin just a few years, wind energy has emerged as a global industry. As opposed to conventional sources of energy, wind is an unlimited resource, which can be exploited efficiently, requiring only a relatively small investment. So far wind turbines with a performance of around 158,000 MW power have been installed worldwide, and every year several tens of thousands MW are being added.

Key Wind Energy GmbH

Key Wind EnergyAt Key Wind Energy GmbH we are offering further education in wind energy, as well as technical consulting for people and companies within the industry. We offer in-house seminars for manufacturers, suppliers, planners, and operators of wind parks, individual schooling and international workshops both for newcomers to the industry and for experts.


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